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The Fur vs Scale game includes a 12-page rule book and character decks for Luna, Pumpkin, Snaggle, and Malyss. 128 cards in total! The cards are premium quality stock with a black core. The game is packaged in a rigid, two piece box.

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Fur vs Scale Game

Limited Edition Fur vs Scale Miniatures
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Collect your own limited edition, resin miniatures of the Fur vs Scale heroes! Included in this set are Luna, Pumpkin, Snaggle, and Malyss! Each set is packaged in a hand-signed and numbered blister pack. For more information, please read the Miniatures section below.

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About the Miniatures
Undead VikingPopular boardgame reviewer, Undead Viking loves Fur vs Scale and put together a wonderful video preview/review of the game! Among other things, he notes,

"There's a lot of game in this little tiny box, and it's a heck of a lot of fun....It's also one of those games that you can teach in about 5 minutes, but mastering it and grasping it takes a long time, and you know what that means. It means lots of replayability and lots of bringing it back to the table."

Father Geek ReviewFur vs Scale has been awarded the Father Geek Seal of Approval, meaning the game impressed all three review groups (Child Geeks, Parent Geeks, and Gamer Geeks)!

"It excited me, tore me apart, made me shout for joy and curse up a storm. All that with only 6 cards in my hand...I recommend Fur vs. Scale to any gamer who likes a game with a light feel, but challenges you to think strategically and tactically from the very start to the bitter end."

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About the Miniatures
The four limited edition Fur vs Scale miniatures are produced by our partner at RN Estudio. They are made of resin and are 30mm scale. The miniatures are packaged together in a large blister pack, ready to assemble and paint. All blister packs are numbered and signed by designer, Marc Aranha.

Luna's sword, Pumpkin's mouse totem, Malyss' skull weapon, Snaggle's spiked tail bracer, and all four custom bases are exclusive to the limited edition versions offered through this website, and only 100 of these sets are being made. All packs also include non-exclusive, alternate parts for Luna (spiked fist weapon) and Snaggle (tail without bracer).

Don't miss out! Order your limited edition Fur vs Scale miniatures today!

Fur vs Scale Miniatures
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