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Pumpkin: Cat And Mouse

For years, Pumpkin spent his days guzzling the finest bottles of milk and sunbathing in the grassy fields near his humble cottage, endlessly daydreaming about becoming a hero. He awoke one afternoon, startled from a particularly lovely dream of swimming in a dairy pond, and discovered a strange cloth mouse sitting upright upon his ample stomach. The mouse had a strange, alluring odor and Pumpkin couldn't help pressing his nose closer. With one sniff, the world changed.

Haunted by dark visions of the future that "Mr. Buttons" revealed, Pumpkin pledged himself to his scented totem and swore to put an end to the shadows behind him... and over there.... and THERE!

Character Deck
Pumpkin has little courage and less skill. Yet, with Mr Buttons held close, he uses his totem sight to gain a powerful edge in battle. His lack of Attack and Counter prowess is balanced by his natural affinity to Block (or hide) from combat. The additional Block cards make Pumpkin the most reactionary of the four heroes, able to quickly debuff an opponent's Attack and Counter moves, or selectively power up his own where the advantage is greatest.
Special Abilities
Pumpkin's first special ability is Cat Nap. It's a revenge ability, meaning it is only accessible in rounds where Pumpkin is behind in the total score. It is also a passive scoring ability, which has no direct effect during the Fight Map assembly, but a potentially huge impact on scoring if the opponent doesn't recognize the threat.

Normally Block cards require other Attack or Counter cards before they generate points. In short, you have to actual block something or you get nothing. They are the only card type with this requirement, which makes them highly reactionary and vulnerable to chump blocks. An opponent can throw down a cheap Block of their own to entirely negate your Block card opportunity.

In the above example, Pumpkin left his Block 6 card open to chump blocking and Malyss obliged. Since Blocks require an Attack or Counter preceding them, her Block 1 automatically drops Pumpkin's Block 6 to 0, and she is lined up to defend any Attacks or Counters Pumpkin may drop to her left. Sure, Pumpkin could also chump block her card, but it's a low risk for Malyss, giving up a simple 1 value card to negate a 6 value card.

However, when Pumpkin enters his Cat Nap stupor, his moves are guided by Mr. Buttons and he becomes exceptionally dangerous. Suddenly his Block cards effectively become Attack cards in the reverse direction, as they generate points regardless of what cards precede them. This forces the opponent to use their Attacks or Counters as debuffs instead of scoring opportunities. It can turn a round on its head and turn Pumpkin from a crafty defender into a potent aggressor.

Using the same example, Malyss would be foolish to try and chump block Pumpkin in a round where his Cat Nap ability is active. His Block 6 is not negated and instead generates 6 points on its own. She would have to waste an Attack or Counter card instead of that Block 1 to reduce Pumpkin's scoring output.

Pumpkin's second ability is Totem Vision. Once per round, Pumpkin discards a card from his hand and draws any card of the same value from his discard pile. This can be incredibly handy. Normally you only use a card once for an entire match. If you use a card in round 1, you won't see it again in round 3. This puts a lot of pressure on drafting each round.

Totem Vision eases that pressure, allowing you to use a great card early and then grab the card again later! For example, you may have the choice of drafting an Attack 9 card in round 1. Normally you'd have to decide between playing it this round or tucking it away for later. However, with Totem Vision, you can play it this round and then discard a Block 9 in round 2 to pull the Attack 9 back and use it again!

This can also come in very handy in rounds 3 and 4 when trying to complete your Finisher. If Pumpkin finds himself short of a needed card type he can discard an Attack and grab a Block or Counter from his discard pile.

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