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Malyss: Control Is Power

Malyss belongs to the Valishwa, an ancient order of sorceresses that has served the King of Wyrm for centuries. The skulls of past High Sorceresses adorn Malyss' necklace, and it is rumored that each still possesses a trapped soul, which Malyss continues to control for her own nefarious purposes.

Upon hearing of a powerful relic with the ability to bestow visions of the future, Malyss leaves her lofty position and journeys into the land of the enemy. Intent on claiming the relic's power, Malyss' dark plans are a mystery, even to her own king!

Character Deck
Malyss is a control oriented fighter, highlighted by a deck that is heavy on Counters. This makes her extremely flexible, as she can use those Counter cards to control position in both directions on the Fight Map or simply use the Quick Strike advanced tactic to turn Counter cards into Attack points.

Special Abilities

Malyss' first special ability is Lure. It is a passive, revenge ability that kicks in during the scoring phase of rounds where Malyss is behind in the total score. Normally, Counter card values are first reduced by an opponent's Attack or Counter card to the immediate left. However, when Lure is active, Malyss' Counter card values are not reduced by opponent Attack cards! This means that Malyss can absorb the Attack to the left and still Counter to the right at full strength.

Of note, is that Lure only works against opponent Attack cards not Counter cards. However, Lure still makes Malyss' Counter cards very dangerous, as she can use them to debuff the value of opponent cards without sacrificing any of her own point scoring potential and if she's able to create stacking combinations of Counter cards, it could be devastating for an opponent counting on Attack card combinations to score.

Malyss' second ability is Hypnotize. It is usable in a round once Malyss has gained 10 total points and allows her to (once per round) discard a card of 4+ value to remove any card of lesser value from the Fight Map. This ability is great to use with extra Block cards that you don't need or want to use in power-ups. By sacrificing a card, Malyss can wreck an opponent's combination, alter the Fight Map, or stymie a Finisher.

Hypnotize is typically used to remove an opponent's card, but it can also be used on your own cards, if you're feeling very sneaky (perhaps masking a Finisher combination late!)

Removing Luna's Counter card above has several potential benefits. First, it allows Malyss to score the full value for her own Counter card. In the above example, this would normally be 3 points, but if in a round where Lure is active it would be 5 points. Second, it removes a Stratagem combo threat from Luna (read more about that ability in Luna's character preview!). Finally, it clears up position, allowing Malyss to stack Counters or combinations where Luna formerly cut her off.

If Malyss has another Counter card to the right of Luna's removed Counter 3, for example, it would slide over making an instant Counter - Counter combination and be 1 card away from completing Malyss' Finisher! At worst, it forces Luna to commit cards to that position (right of Malyss' Counter) twice, which could create openings elsewhere on the Fight Map.
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