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Luna: From The Shadows

Unlike the alligators of Murk Bog, the wolves of Shadow Glen have little use for totems or gods. For this reason, they are often hunted as heretics by their enemies in Murk Bog. However, the wolves find their strength in family, believing that honoring each other empowers the pack as a whole. Life beyond the pack is hollow and meaningless.

However, on rare occasions, a wolf is afflicted with nightmarish visions of ghostly ancestors. Deemed possessed, these "Lost Ones" are driven away to lead solitary lives and die alone, raving mad. Luna was cast out as a "Lost One" over a year ago, but she not only lived, she thrived. Returning to her people bearing a mystical Moon Blade, it was discovered that Luna housed the spirits of countless ancestors. No longer an outcast, she was hailed as a hero - a living vessel who reunited the dead with the living, and honored the pack with generations long thought lost forever.

Character Deck
Luna's deck is balanced, offering an equal number of Attack, Block, and Counter options. Her strength is her tactical adaptability during a round and added flexibility when constructing a Move List, making it a little easier to plan an overall attack over four rounds.
Special Abilities
Luna's first special ability is Feint. It is a revenge ability that is only accessible in rounds where Luna is behind in the total score. It can be activated once a round to replace any of Luna's cards on the Fight Map with one of equal or lesser value from your hand.

The strength of the Feint ability is in its threat. Luna's opponents can never really be sure about her cards on the Fight Map, because in a flash she can create sudden combos, or change a defensive stand into an offensive surge. A good bluffer can really get into an opponent's head with Feint.

Because Block cards are reactive, requiring an Attack or Counter card to the left in order to generate points, they can be nullified by other Block cards. In the above example, Malyss uses a weak Block to out position Luna. Now Luna's Block 5 is worth nothing, or so Malyss would believe...

Luna's Feint creates a 5 point stack (and 2 point combo) out of nothing!

However, even beyond threat, the ability has a very practical use - creating extra flexibility in the opening move. Very often the round's First Player will lead with a Counter card, because it is the only type that is active to the left and right, protecting both sides of the board. However, with Feint, Luna can lead with a defensive Block card, for example, and not have to worry about being out of position while she builds up one side of the Fight Map. If the opponent tries to nullify her Block, she can simply Feint to a more aggressive position.

Luna's second ability, Stratagem, continues her theme of tactical maneuvering. The special ability can be used once a round and allows Luna to shift any two adjacent cards on the Fight Map, as long as one of them is her own. This is can be incredibly effective, allowing Luna to break up combinations and opponent stacks or creating ones of her own.

Remember this scenario from Snaggle's preview?

Finish Him!
However, the real power of both of Luna's special abilities manifest themselves in the second half of the match, when Finishers are in play. Simply put, Luna's special abilities make her the queen of the Finisher combo, because she has three methods to suddenly change the Fight Map (her two specials and Super cards). Fighting against Luna can be one long panic attack for an opponent!

Let's revisit that early sample of the Fight Map versus Malyss. Luna's Finisher combination is Block + Counter + Attack.

She already has a Block and Attack in place, but she needs a Counter in-between to complete the combo. What to do? How about any of the following!
  1. Play a Counter card to the right and then Stratagem, switching the placement of the Attack and Counter cards
  2. Play an Attack card to the right and then Feint, swapping the Attack 2 for a Counter 2
  3. Play a Super Counter right smack in the middle of the Block 5 and Attack 2 cards
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