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A variety of card types make up each hero's deck
Fur vs Scale is a fast-paced tabletop card game for 2-4 players, pitting heroes of rival kingdoms against each other in strategic combat. The game captures the ebb and flow of your favorite arcade fighter, challenging players to construct winning combinations of attacks, blocks, counters, and super moves over four rounds to be crowned victor. Featuring colorful anthropomorphic animal characters with unique special abilities, Fur vs Scale offers a variety of depth that can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages.

Fur vs Scale takes place in the world of Junea, a land at war. The fragile peace that existed for decades between the Kindgom of Leon and the Kingdom of Wyrm is shattered by the disappearance of a sacred idol, and the quest to solve the mystery sets heroes from both lands on a dangerous collision course. Relive their tales of glorious combat and guide your chosen hero to victory!

There's a lot of game in this tiny little box, and it's a heck of a lot of fun - Lance Myxter, Undead Viking

It excited me, tore me apart, made me shout for joy and curse up a storm. All that with only 6 cards in my hand. - Cyrus Kirby, FatherGeek.com
Game Overview
In Fur vs Scale, players fight, head to head, against an opponent in up to four rounds of strategic combat in an effort to score 60 or more points.

Each hero is represented by their own character deck and ability card, ensuring a variety of play experiences! Who will you choose?

  Luna Snaggle Pumpkin Malyss

LUNA (Grey Wolf Knight)
After experiencing visions of her ancestors, Luna was deemed mad and cast out from the Shadow Glen. Yet, she returned to her pack after many moons, a living vessel that housed the spirits of the dead. Wielding the ancient Moon Blade, Luna swore to protect her kingdom against the web of darkness the ancestors warned was coming.

Luna is a balanced fighter with a mastery of battlefield tactics. She uses the training of her ancestors to gain sudden positional advantage or for surprise, strategic feints.
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SNAGGLE (Alligator Berserker)
The alligators of Murk Bog gave a sacred vow to protect an idol gifted to the king by the Earth Mother centuries ago. When the idol was stolen, the wolves of Shadow Glen were blamed and war erupted in the kindgoms. Seeing opportunity to gain honor in the eyes of the Elders, Snaggle journies to find the idol and destroy the heretic thieves.

Snaggle uses his superior strength to attack relentlessly and overwhelm defenses. If allowed to build up his rage, Snaggle can dominate rivals with massive chain attacks!
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PUMPKIN (Tabby Cat Shaman)
Pumpkin's days of guzzling bottles of milk and sun bathing ended when he happened upon a strange cloth mouse. With one sniff, his world changed. Haunted by dark visions of the future that "Mr Buttons" revealed, Pumpkin pledged himself to his scented totem and swore to vanquish the shadows behind him...and over there...and THERE!

Pumpkin has little courage and less skill. Yet, with Mr Buttons held close, he uses his totem sight and defensive prowess to stifle opponents and gain a powerful edge.
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MALYSS (Cobra Sorceress)
Malyss belongs to the Valishwa, an ancient order of sorceresses that has served the king for centuries. Upon hearing of a powerful relic with the ability to bestow visions of the future, Malyss leaves her lofty position and journies into the land of the enemy. Intent on claiming the relic's power, Malyss' dark plans are a mystery even to her king!

Malyss is adept at deception, using her magic to lure opponents into clumsy attacks and hypnotizing them before countering with lethal poisoned strikes!
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At the start of every round, players draft a Move List from their hero's pool of cards. This pool contains Attack, Block, Counter, and Super cards of varying values. Each player draws 4 cards, keeps 2 and returns 2 to the bottom of the deck in any order. This is done 3 times until each player has 6 cards for the round.

Construct your Move List each round with a personal draft

If a match lasts all 4 rounds, a player will end up using all but 6 of their cards at some point. This makes building a Move List highly strategic as each player must decide which cards to best play immediately and which cards to bank for later use. Select poorly and a player may find their hero unable to execute Special Abilities or a Finisher in later rounds!


Once the Move Lists are built, it's time to battle! Each player alternates playing cards from their hand to the table. This collection of cards is called the Fight Map and is a visual representation of the combat flow that round. A Fight Map may stretch up to 12 cards in a single round!

Cards are strung together to create point combinations or reduce an opponent's point total. Position is everything and where you place a card can be critical later in the round. Cards must normally be placed on the left or right ends of the Fight Map, creating one horizontal row.

Legal Placement

Every card has a value and a type, but each card type interacts in a unique way with the cards around it, making for a deep strategic experience. For example, Attack cards are big point generators and can affect cards positioned to the right. However, they are inactive to the left making them vulnerable to cards placed there! Playing Attack cards haphazardly will allow the opponent to capitalize on your lack of positioning and accumulate quick Battle Points!

Supers are the powerful exception to the Fight Map placement rules. A Super card is not only worth the most points, but it may be placed anywhere on the Fight Map, creating opportunities for surprise combinations, Special Abilities or even an Finisher!

Legal Placement for Supers

Rather than playing a card, a hero may instead use a Special Ability. These powers are unique to each hero, can alter the Fight Map, and quickly turn the tide of battle!

Heroes have unique Special Abilities

Stacking cards of the same type creates one monstrous value for the opponent to contend with. As an added benefit, stacking cards also nets the player a combo bonus for having 2 (or more) adjacent cards on the Fight Map!

Stack adjacent cards of the same type for extra points!

Need to give your card or combo a little boost to fight off an opponent's combination? Block cards can also be used face down to Power Up cards on the Fight Map!

Power up your cards!

Survive until round 3 or 4 and try to execute your Finisher! Every hero has a unique combination of cards that will result in their Finisher appearing on the Fight Map. This card acts like a bookend, blocking players from placing any cards after it and destroying any cards currently placed beyond it! Plus, it's worth 15 points by itself! Excellent!